The Wonder of Winter in the Blue Ridge Mountains

While many hunker down to hibernate during the winter – and many folks in the Blue Ridge Mountains choose to do the same – many of the residents at The Divide opt for the opposite; they head for the hills! Winter is actually one of the more active times of the year for our community as it offers a variety off season-specific activities and unparalleled experiences. Here are just a few:

Hitting the Slopes

The Sapphire Valley Resort is a snow bunny’s dream. Whether your binding boots are strapped to one board or two, the local landscape and authentic snowfall lends itself to endless hours of fun on the slopes. The resort even offers a Frozen Falls Tube Park. This combination of tubing and sledding is fun for the whole family. If these activities are up your alley, the resort also holds a series of Concerts on the Slopes each year that might be more your style.

Exploring the Terrain

Cold temperatures and wild winds can’t deter many outdoor enthusiasts. The well-maintained hiking paths that surround The Divide community are made even more beautiful when touched by a fresh snowfall. Explore our intricate labyrinth of hiking paths and trails. We caution many of our residents that snowshoes and proper gear are highly recommended.

Chasing Waterfalls

Many hikers and snowshoers do go chasing waterfalls in their adventures and find a fun, treasure-hunt-like feel to venturing out. The area’s most scenic and naturally beautiful features frozen in time are a nature photographer’s dream. Many of the residents of the Divide venture out on four-wheelers or snowmobiles with these specific destinations in mind. Just check local trail guides to ensure these vehicles are allowed.

Taking the Long Way

You can also enjoy the scenic views and stunning snow-capped scenes from the warmth and comfort of your vehicle. Taking the long way through the network of local national parks and the Blue Ridge Mountains is a favorite pastime for those who aren’t as outdoorsy as they would like to be.

Many of the residents at The Divide at Bald Rock come for the stunning views and the escape that mountaintop living offers. They stay, however, for the lifestyle of adventure that pervades year-round. Start yours by visiting

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