Spring Ahead: Sustainability Tips for your Mountaintop Getaway

Spring at The Divide is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The forests are green again, the mountain air isn’t as dry and cold, and everything comes back to life. In lieu of simply spring cleaning, spring offers the opportunity to get ahead of the times and focus on sustainability; a fresh start! Here are some of our best tips on how to maximize your home’s efficiency, conserve our natural resources, and make a difference in your local community.    

  • Home Repairs - On average, 10 gallons of water a day go to waste due to leaky toilets or faucets. Whether it’s you yourself or you hire someone to keep an eye on the place, check all sinks, showers, and toilets periodically for leaks. The tried and true food coloring test helps detect hidden leaky toilets. Simply place a few drops in the tank, and if you see the color leak into the bowl, you know you have an issue.
  • Turn off the Taps – It sounds really simple, but when doing simple tasks like brushing your teeth or washing dishes, turn off the water when you’re not using it. This can save up to 900 gallons of water per month. Similarly, turn off the tap when you lather while washing your hands or showering.
  • Take a Look at Your Landscaping – While few residents at The Divide have traditional lawns, each home is a little different. If you have traditional sod in patches, keep it a little longer – 1 ½ - 2 inches tall – to help with water retention. For flower beds and other landscaping, lay some organic mulch. This helps keep these areas nice and wet, which means saving water, time, and money. Pruning bushes and shrubs can also help them use water more efficiently.
  • Plant Native – The natural landscape that surrounds the Blue Ridge Mountains is simply breathtaking.  Keep it that way and avoid planting non-native plants that can be invasive or harmful to the existing ecosystem. Opt instead for plants and flowers that are indigenous to the region. The existing wildlife will thank you for it.
  • Compost – Speaking of planting, what better fertilizer is there than your own organic compost? Roughly one third of the food produced for consumption goes to waste each year. You can help knock this number down by putting your food scraps to work. A compost bin can help drive down your household’s waste while also serving your landscaping and houseplants! Just be sure to purchase one that locks. The bears of the region sure get curious.
  • Trip Planning – Your mountaintop getaway is exactly that: on top of a mountain. This means that residents are farther from things like the grocery store and points of entertainment. Therefore, consolidate your trips and plan accordingly. If you know you need groceries but are planning on going to a show later in the day, take a cooler and shop before or after the show so you’re only making one trip. Carpooling with your neighbors is also a great way to get to know your community while keeping sustainability in mind.
  • Volunteer – Whether you’re picking up a stray water bottle on a trail or establishing a state-wide recycling program, your efforts as a volunteer have far-reaching effects. Try to volunteer in your free time with an organization dedicated to preserving the environment (the Friends of Panthertown has many opportunities!) and help actively make a difference in your community.

Doing small things like these can help make the area of The Divide at Bald Rock a better place. Interested in experiencing all this community has to offer? Visit www.dividenc.com for more information.

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